A selection of upcoming shows featuring Roger



October 12th - The Night Walkers, To Hoop, Rheinberg

October 18th - Jan Mohr and the Backscratchers Manege, Ratingen

October 26th - Little Roger & The Houserockers, Venlo, NL

October 27 - November 2 - Roger C. Wade Meets Balta Bordoy TRIO - Barcelona 

December 14th, Jan Mohr and the Backscratchers Blues Garage, Michendorf



Jan 4th, Jan Mohr and the Backscratchers, Bahnhof Anderten

Feb 5th, Roger guest in Gempt Halle, Lengerich with Kai Strauss

Feb 7th, The Night Walkers, Altststadtschänke, Rinteln

Feb 8th, The Night Walkers, The Blues Joint, Hannover

Feb 12th, The Night Walkers, Haus Eifgen, Wermelskirchen

March 6th, Little Roger & The Houserockers, Haus Eifen, Wermelskirchen

March 17th, with Michael van Merwyk und Peter Driessen, Gdanska, Oberhausen

March 20th, The Night Walkers, Lübeck, tbc

March 21st, The Night Walkers, Alte Meierei in Kiel

March 26th - Roger C. Wade Meets Balta Bordoy TRIO - Torburg, Köln

March 27th - Roger C. Wade Meets Balta Bordoy TRIO - Session, Bonn

March 28th - Roger C. Wade Meets Balta Bordoy TRIO - Bochum

March 29th Roger C. Wade Meets Balta Bordoy TRIO  Zettels Traum, Leverkusen                       12 o'clock brunch etc..


April 3rd, Roger Guest, Alt-Hamm

April 4th, Brother Snake Oil, Torburg Köln

April 17th, The Night Walkers, Austrian Bluesharp Festival Traun, Austria


Red = cancelled/postponed

May 1st, The Night Walkers, Sandwich UK

May 2nd, The Night Walkers, The Magnet Pub, Broadstairs UK

May 8th, Roger and Marion, Michael Van Merwyk CD release , Bielefeld Jazz Club

May 16th, Little Roger & The Houserockers, Torburg Köln

June 11th, private Höxter

June 13th, The Night Walkers, Blue Wave Festival Rügen

June 21st, Roger Special Guest, Mythos, Castrop 12pm 

June 26th, Brother Snake Oil, Wuppertal - streaming 

June 28th, The Night Walkers tbc. Wermelskirchen 

July 30th, The Night Walkers, Norwich UK

July 31st, The Night Walkers tbc

August 1st, The Night Walkers, Zettels Traum, Leverkusen 20 Uhr

August 7th, Little Roger & The Houserockers, Sarstedt, Haus am Junkernhof

August 22nd, The Night Walkers, Blues, Schmus und Apfelmus,
                       Laubach, Gartenbühne 1pm


September 5th, The Night Walkers, private party

September 19th - Little Roger & The Houserockers, Bahnhof Anderten

September 24th, The Night Walkers, Torburg Köln


October 2nd, The Roger Mohr Duo, Fight for Live Festival, Hamburg

November 6th, Roger C. Wade and Till Seidel with Micha Maass, Forst

November 7th, Roger C. Wade and Till Seidel with Micha Maass, Jütebog

November 8th, Roger C. Wade and Till Seidel  with Micha Maass tbc

November 21st, The Roger Mohr Duo, Volksdorfer Blues Festival

November 24th, with Christian Bleiming, Kulturbahnhof Hiltrup

February 3rd 2021, Roger C Wade and Till Seidel, Bergkamen


With a lot of luck, this might possibly happen - fingers crossed!


April 16th 2021, Roger C. Wade and Till Seidel , Traun Austria, Blues Festival

May 1st, 12 pm, Haus Eifgen, Wermelskirchen, Balta Bordoy Trio

May 1st, 7.30 pm, Bochum Kulturat, Balta Bordoy Trio

May 3rd, 7.30 pm, Akademie Mont Cenis, Herne, Balta Bordoy Trio

June 3rd, private party, Marion, Roger and Jack O Roonie Trio

June 4,5,6 Berlin tbc - Marion, Roger, Jack and Micha Maass

August 21st 2021, Roger C. Wade and Till Seidel , Blues Schmus und Apfelmus










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