Stef Rosen and Roger C. Wade


A refreshing acoustic roots blues duo.


The guitarist and vocalist Stef Rosen, from Italy and is now based in Berlin, has recorded numerous albums, including his most recent that was nominated for the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik. Stef is sublimely unique in his approach to music and has developed his own style that is a mixture of blues, bluegrass and jazz. Always charming and surprising, Stef’s is now one of the most impressive vocalists hereabouts and weaves constantly between blues, soul and gospel. Constantly touring through the capitals of Europe, Stef has become one of the most in-demand musicians on the European blues dance circuit and is further establishing his reputation in duo and band formats. Watch out for this guy!

The last 30 years or so have seen the English-born Roger C. Wade (harp/vocals) become one of the most respected figures in traditional blues on European stages. His acoustic harp style and vocal delivery illustrate his love of the genre and respect of its traditions whilst always performing to the highest standard on any given night. Known for his stage presence and ability to deliver a crowd-pleasing show night after night, Roger's reputation has continued to spread. Roger has produced more than 10 records, including the The Lockdown Sessions Volume I and II, which featured dozens of musicians from 8 countries. Volume I has taken its place in the German Museum of History due to its historical significance.


These two artists are forces in their own rights but together they are taking the acoustic duo format to new heights. Prepare to be both surprised and entertained!


Live recordings and more videos expected shortly. 




A live performance from the Vienna Spring Blues on a ship on the Danube "How Long"

And one of the strongest vocal performances in recent years by Stef Rosen - live "You Don't Know Me"

A fun drinking song about whisky :-) Live from Rügen

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