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Coming soon guys! Official release of the CD is on April 9th via Bear Family, with the LP (which also contains the full CD!) shortly after ?
Some great music here with wonderful musicians and friends joining me, Marion and Jack O Roonie - Balta Bordoy, Veronica Sbergia, Alex Lex, Micha Maass, Andre Werkmeister, Shakedown Tim, Max De Bernardi, Tommy Schneller and the amazing Michael Van Merwyk.
A little teaser here ? Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me or Bear Family to reserve a copy.
Stay well everyone.
Roger and Marion







After multiple enquiries, I have checked with CrossCut and The Lockdown Sessions CD is indeed now SOLD OUT, despite being re-pressed once already. Unless someone with deep pockets wishes to finance another batch, that means The Lockdown Sessions is now out of print. 


Quite an achievement and my thanks go out to all involved and to everyone who purchased a CD, got some amazing music and supported the musicians. 


Stay well and please, please GET VACCINATED as soon as you can to allow musicians to get back to work and we can all meet again.





Roger is currently recording some tracks with Till for the duo "Roger and Till". Hopefully for release late spring, early summer.



Hot off the press...

Marion and I have just finished our latest record, which will be appearing as an LP (which also contains a CD) and a stand-alone CD in spring this year. Gonna be great, guys. With some amazing guests and rocking, jazzy and swingy tracks. I'll keep you posted but we are very excited about this and proud to have got such amazing tracks onto vinyl.

Stay well.




As winter approaches, the Lockdown Sessions seem more relevant than ever, unfortunately.
This double CD was recorded and produced in March and April 2020, featuring 32 artists from 8 countries. Featuring Larry Garner, Nathan James, Joe Filisko, Aki Kumar, Tomi Leino, Little Victor, Jack O Roonie, Michael van Merwyk, the Arlt brothers (BB and The Blues Shacks), Nico Duportal, Fred Kaplan, Victor Puertas and many many more....... The CD was awarded Blues Album of the Year from the UK in September and received excellent feedback worldwide. It was recorded under lockdown conditions, with each musician recording their part at home, all contributing to a song or songs, making this project unique and truly inspiring. Ranging from pre-war blues to post-war, Chicago, West-Coast Blues, Rock N Roll and boogie, these CDs contain some legendary recordings by some of the best.
In this video, I thought I would explain how the process developed by taking you through the steps that led to the amazing track Come See About Me, featuring Big Daddy Wilson on vocals. I have often been asked how it all came together and, though it was a labour of love, it bore amazing fruits!
I hope you enjoy it. If you haven't already, you can pick up a copy from me at or from Bear Family Records. All proceeds go to the musicians involved to help them through this difficult time. See for more info.
Stay well. Roger

Hi all,

After numerous enquiries, I can also provide the Walkin' With Friends recordings as mp3 via WeTransfer for €10 if requested. 

Many thanks



Hi zusammen,

nach zahlreichen Anfragen - ich kann gerne die Aufnahmen der Walkin With Friends CD per WeTransfer übertragen. €10

Gruß und danke



Having had a sad but wonderful memorial concert for Jens in the fantastic Haus Eifgen, Wermelskirchen, featuring Kai Strauss, Michael van Merwyk, Klaus Brunschede, Marion Wade and Dominik Wiegand, a multitude of videos and photos can now be found at


Some of the Night Walkers gigs have been cancelled but I will be playing some with my old pal Jan Mohr and more upcoming shows with the amazing Till Seidel. Would be great to see you at one of the shows. Stay well. 




As you have undoubtedly heard by now, my musical partner and friend Jens Turowski died unexpectedly on August 18th. We are all still in shock that such a wonderful soul, person and musician has left us at such a young age. Rest easy pal. 

Many thanks to you all for your support, either here or via message or phone. Well appreciated. It has helped to know that Jens had an impact on so many over the years. Thank you. There will be a remembrance ceremony and concert at some point in the near future. I'll keep you posted.
But his music lives on!
Not only has Jens been featured on various podcasts, including tonight on 's show, but a track by Brother SnakeOil and the Medicine Men will be featured on the compilation CD being published by the Torburg and available this week
Featuring Kai Strauss, Jimmy ReiterTill SeidelTommy Schneller, The Bluesanovas, Bad Temper Joe, The Night Trippers, Little Roger and the Houserockers and many more...... Have a look, pick up a copy and support the musicians. Many thanks.
New Night Walkers CD
Jens and I had been planning a new CD for a while when the Covid-19 virus hit and cultural events pretty much came to a grinding halt around the world. We decided to cut some new Night Walkers tracks and include some numbers with our friends
Ferdinand Kraemer and my wife Marion joined us some wonderful tracks. We decided to call this one “Walking With Friends”, an apt title we felt. Jens and I were very happy with the feel of the recordings and were considering when to bring them out, either 2020 or 2021. Having discussed it with his wonderful wife
Claudia, we have decided to publish it now. The CD will be available in a couple of weeks on Steeplejack Records. Please feel free to pick up a copy either from me directly or via the usual channels. Jens was very proud of these recordings.
Stay well 


Just in case you haven't heard, the Lockdown Sessions Double CD is now available. 
Online-Shop (deutsch):

Online-Shop (english):


It was an honour and pleasure to produce a CD featuring such wonderful musicians and I am very proud to have been a part of it. The music is amazing and all net proceeds go to the musicians taking part. Got to be good! So, if you can, please support us and pick up a copy. It is worth it! Swing over to Bear family and have a listen..... Featuring:


Abi Wallenstein • Aki Kumar
Andre Werkmeister • Andreas Arlt
Andreas Bock • Big Daddy Wilson
Christian Bleiming • Ferdinand Kraemer
Fred Kaplan • Gary Winters • Jack O‘Roonie
Jens Turowski • Joe Filisko
Jürgen “Big Jay” Wieching • Kai Strauss
Krissy Matthews • Larry Garner
Little Victor Mac • Maddy Arlt • Marion Wade
Max De Bernardi • Micha Maass
Michael van Merwyk • Nathan James
Nico Duportal • Peter Crow C • Roger C. Wade
Timo Gross • Tomi Leino • Tommy Schneller
Veronica Sbergia • Victor Puertas



Many thanks





Well, where to begin..... The corona virus has thrown a spanner in the works for us and many many others around the world. Our thoughts and thanks go out to those battling in the front line - health care workers, first-responders, grocery store workers and many more.....


Musically, live music has come to a complete and total standstill. As I write this, we have no idea when live music will be allowed again. This is a disaster, not only for clubs, organisers, festivals, pubs but of course for musicans. For many of us, our sole source of income disappeared over night. 


In the face of the unknown, I decided to do something, at least something that might help. I started the Lockdown Sessions, a cross-continental collaboration between leading figures in the blues scene such as Joe Filisko, Nathan James, Abi Wallenstein, Fred Kaplan, Aki Kumar, Kai Strauss ......a total of 32 musicians from 8 countries. A double CD will be appearing with these amazing musicians mid May on the CrossCut label. The recordings were all made under "lockdown" conditions, with tracks being sent from place to place, added to, mixed, passed on etc. The results are amazing and my gratitude goes out to all involved. All other information about the musicians, videos etc. can be found on the website 


All proceeds from the production will be going to the musicians to help them throught this difficult time - please support us by buying a copy or donating at


This is an amazing project born out of creative frustration and the desire to help others financially. Please have a look.... 







The Night Walkers are taking off wonderfully in 2020 with some lovely festivals and a couple of mini-tours to the UK planned. Check out the "Upcoming Shows" tab for details.


Great review of Struttin' at
Thanks John. 


And after a great few days in Barcelona, we are glad to announce that Balta will be across in Germany for a few dates in 2020:

Thursday 26th March - Torburg, Köln (Best Blues Club 2019)
Friday 27th March - Bonn, Session
Saturday 28th March - Bochum, Kulturrat

Sunday 29th March, Zettels Traum, Leverkusen 12 o'clock brunch etc..
Monday 30th March, Herne - Akademie Mont Cenis
Hope to see you at one of the gigs. 


We are very happy to announce that The Night Walkers are now available for booking at 

Muddy Lives
+49 5906 933 447
+49 170 96 586 11  

Here is an impression of a recent gig in front of a small group of blues fans and friends. Don't you just love the photos behind the stage? ;-)


And the CD "Struttin'" by the Night Walkers is now out! If you wish for a copy, drop me a line. The official release with all the download channels later in the year so get your copy now :-)


The Night Walkers recordings are finished! Had a great day in the studio and now we are putting the finishing touches to the pack and then we'll see what we do. Was fun! Here is a taster...


And we are very excited to welcome our new booker to the family, the wonderful

KKA Blues
Kate Kirschsiefen Agency

Please feel free to contact her with all your requests. 



And we are now playing in Te Hoop on Friday 3rd May with the great Balta Bordoy. Come by and say hi. 


The Night Walkers will be making their first studio recordings mid-May so watch this space!


First gig in our new and fresh duo, The Night Walkers on 23 March in Zettels Traum Leverkusen, 8pm. Come by and say hi!


Now confirmed,

Balta and his drummer Jake are coming across to play some songs from our latest CD on 2nd May in Ultes, Ellerstadt and 4th / 5th May at the Jazz Frühling Kempten Germany. As a gig has been cancelled.short notice, we are looking for a nice evening on 3rd May - if you are interested, please let us know....


Don't miss it as it doesn't happen very often! 




After a wonderful evening in Cologne, the trio will be playing together in autumn in Mallorca and March 2020 in Germany. Hope to see you there.



Hi all,


Stop Press .....

Balta is coming across for ONE gig with us on 24  January in the wonderful Torburg, Cologne. We will be performing as a trio (Roger, Marion and Balta) so it should be a great and cosy atmosphere with traditional blues. 

Would be great to see you there. 


Balta and his drummer Jake are coming across to play some from our latest CD on 4th and 5th May in Kaufbeuren Germany. Don't miss it as it doesn't happen very often! 

Come by and say hi. 






Be sure to check out the latest reviews under the Press tab. Great stuff:-)





21 September 2018. Today is the day! The Schoolhouse Sessions CD is now available from the usual suspects - ITunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. Of course, you can also still get it from us direct:-) 


Hope you like it and spread the word. 






It's here! The official release is September on Steeplejack Records available through all the usual channels including Bear but if you can't wait, you can order direct from us now at

€15 plus postage. 

It is a great record with both originals and classic 50s Chicago covers. And I snuck in a song by the great Bill Clarke, the man who has most influenced me over the years. 

Drop me a line. 




Done! The record is now finished, mixed and mastered. The artwork is in the final stages and then off it all goes to be pressed :-)



Well, the recordings are done and dusted! I have just finished mixing them with the great Abi Linden of Abbey Music, who has been involved now with three Houserockers CDs and one for the Backscratchers as well as for the Roger Mohr Duo. The next step is mastering, which should be done in the not-too-distant future. Then off to be pressed as an LP with a download code included for those who want the record but don't have a record-player :-) No CDs this time folks! Will keep you posted but this could well be one of my/our best records!


Balta Bordoy is arriving on 26 April for two gigs and some recording with us. We are playing as a trio (Roger, Marion and Balta) on 26 April in the "Umleiting" in Cologne and on 27 April in Topos, Leverkusen. 8pm. 

We then go on to record on Saturday as a trio and then on Sunday together with Houserockers stalwart T-Man Michalke and jazz drummer extraordinaire Drori Mondlak. Should be fun! 


Come by and say hi! 



The widely respected historian, critic and shaker Jeff Scott Fleenor of Blues Junction Productions has us in his Top 10 for 2017. Wow! Thanks Jeff!


Wow! Thanks Don T-bone Erikson. We're very flattered to be on your top 50 list of blues albums at all and we are in VERY fine company!  An honour. We are truly very happy that you appreciate our music and that of all the others on this amazing list. Keep up the great work! 



December 4th

Happy and excited to report that the great Balta Bordoy will be coming across at the end of April to not only play a few gigs with us but also to have some fun in the studio! I had the pleasure of playing with Balta in Barcelona as part of the 1st European Harp Attack and realised it would be great to do some recordings with him as a duo, trio with Marion on the piano and maybe some old-school quartett stuff! Will be great fun. More details to follow!



November 12th

Roger has just returned from Barcelona where he played a few dates as part of the first Harp Attack, European Blues Reunion. He performed with the great Victor Puertas from Spain and the upcoming Thomas Toussaint from the Netherlands. Marion guested on the piano for one gig with Thomas and the amazing Balta Bordoy! There are plans for a 2nd Harp Attack, maybe in either Germany or the Netherlands. If anyone is interested in booking this for a special event, feel free to ask for more details.


New ideas for recordings in 2018 are in the pipeline :-)




The lastest video by the Houserockers, featuring a track from their new CD "Good Rockin' House Party"

Bands featuring Roger Wade on harp and vocals

Little Roger and the Houserockers

Roger Wade and Jens Turowski The Night Walkers
Jan Mohr & The Backscratchers
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